Literary Listings: Awesome Hobbit Covers

Hobbit fever is taking over Oxford and no wonder why, the second film in the series is coming out soon, the Bodleian Library just concluded a successful Fantasy Book exhibition, and we’re getting closer to Christmas! What’s better than curling up to Tolkien with a flask of mulled wine? Or maybe a cup, let’s stick to the cup people.

Awesome Hobbit Covers

Contender 1: Simple Wonders

I don’t own this version of the hobbit, in fact, I must confess the copy I have is from a LOTR set, which is great but I really want a stand alone copy of The Hobbit. If so, I think I’d choose this one! It’s simple and features a Tolkien-esque dragon on the cover.

In my opinion, this looks like an adult copy.

Contender 2: Classic Fantasy Illustration

I dislike classic fantasy illustrations but this one is so quant and beautiful, how can you not like it?

I wouldn’t buy it but I’ve seen this copy in a few libraries and stores, clearly classic is still quite popular.

Contender 3: Illustrative Details

This is clearly a copy or take on The Hobbit film posters, however, an artist has rendered Bilbo and I think it’s so much cuter because of it.

This copy screams children’s copy, to me, so I’d likely give it to a child during Christmas.

Contender 4: Smaug Looks Terrifying

I’ve seen a few Smaug covers, with Tolkien’s original dragon, as well as a few interpretations. However, I like this one for the sheer terror that the cover conveys. It’s a bit classical, but I think it was done by a contemporary artist? The runes on the top invoke traditional covers, and Smaug looks ever so inviting (not). I think traditional fantasy buffs might like this version?

Contender 5: Contemporary Take

I want this copy so badly! Isn’t it stunning?! It’s simple and a completely new take on the series, it’s  wonderful to see the sprawling mountains and the red moon.

Christmas anyone? How are you celebrating The Hobbit?!

My favourite cover!




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10 Responses to Literary Listings: Awesome Hobbit Covers

  1. Norm says:

    So true. Honesty and everything rezgenicod.

  2. Your favorite is the one I grew up with (my dad read it to me) so I’m obviously biased 😉 If the movie poster looking one is actually illustrated, I do like that one too, I just can’t tell since I haven’t seen it in person, haha.

  3. My favorite is the same as yours, and I still don’t have one of those copies. Need to snag it if it isn’t purchased off my Christmas list. I do also really like the contemporary version, that riffs off the last one.

  4. Cee says:

    The second cover is the one I see a lot. It’s okay, but it’s just so olllddd. I love the first and the fifth cover. If I could get a copy of The Hobbit, it would be one of those two! I love the simplicity of the two covers.

  5. DoingDewey says:

    I think the second and third are my favorite, although the last one is a really nice, simple illustration. I had this horrible orange covered version when I was younger 🙂

  6. Kelley says:

    I saw a copy with your favorite cover while I was in Ireland and it was sooo cute and I wanted to buy it! But I ended up buying something else instead, something I hadn’t read already. I still kinda regret it. I also saw this one in a thrift shop there, but didn’t like that one as much, so I skipped it too. Oh well!

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