Blogoversary Mania: Funny, Scary Stats


It’s our Stat day today! It’s been a world-wind year at Bitches With Books. First of all, we have 10,000+ views! I never expected that, I’d be happy to top 5,000! As you saw yesterday, some posts are obviously more loved than others, and that is no exception to our visitors. Five countries trumped our visitors list- hard.


As you can also see, the USA dominates the visitors list. I wasn’t really surprised by this, but what I was surprised at was the lack of Bahamian support I got! The Bahamas comes in third place, just a few visits away from beating Canada. All in all, we’ve had 30+ countries visit with Europe and North America taking the top for the continents. The Caribbean falls somewhere in the middle and Africa and South America falling somewhere near the bottom.

I think where your visitors are from is interesting as a blogger, I wonder if this list will change when I move to the UK in October?


When it comes to referrers, search engines take the top. Nearly 2,000 views come from searches alone. Other social media sites contribute to this, but what really threw me for a loop was Facebook’s dominance. I hardly ever update the FB page and now I’m thinking I need to do this more often. I spend more time on Twitter but few visits come from it! When it comes to individual bloggers though, I’ve gotten the most hits from Katie @ Doing Dewey and Kelley @ Another Novel Read.


According to these are the most popular search terms used to find Bitches With Books. A lot of it is quite fun and words that I’ve included in popular blog posts, so I was quite pleased with this. I had to laugh at Tinkerbell Is A Bitch! I thought she was anyway, so I’m glad others are justifying this! I must ask though, who is Mary Pearson?

Clearly my big breadwinners are,

  1. LOTR stuff
  2. Hogwarts + Harry Potter mania
  3. Faerie things


Now these were the search terms that confused me a bit.

  1. You cannot give your child Gully Wash, it’s an alcoholic drink, for the love of holy things, please do not give your child this drink.
  2. Does Cleopatra’s daughter really have sex with so many of them? What? Why are you googling this? And how the hell did it link to me?
  3. To the person googling List Of Crazy Swag Names: you probably won’t find that list online, I feel like swag just… exists.
  4. Nancy. Drew. Sex. Omgad, I am terrified.
  5. Frodo and Sam? Well at least someone else thought there were some homoerotic tendencies going on in LOTR.
  6. Oxford Bitches + Bitches Be Like + ❤ Bitches + Statement On Bitches… I guess this is my just desserts for naming my blog Bitches With Books. Le sigh.

Well I hope you enjoyed this random compendium of stats. And really, people, what the hell are you googling?!



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It's Claire (aka Quirky) from Bitches With Books, an online book blog that serves up a healthy dose of book reviews, lists + literary madness.
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20 Responses to Blogoversary Mania: Funny, Scary Stats

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  2. I love search terms!!!! They are always awesome!

  3. Cee says:

    I am dying of laughter because of the Cleopatra question. Like what even? The things people google…so strange.

  4. Kelley says:

    OMG Yaaaaay for stats and charts that match your blog theme!!! 😀

    Awesome that my blog contributed significant traffic to yours! ❤

    Search engine terms always interest me, and I love your word cloud there. I can't decide which one is the best. Maybe "tinkerbell is a bitch" lol. Oh, no wait, I just saw the one about Cleopatra's daughter — WHAT??? lol!!

  5. Haha, I like these. Especially, the “scaryˇsearch terms. XD

  6. Haha, those crazy random search terms are funny! And strange.

  7. bookshy says:

    … and you’re moving to the UK? Cool!! Which part (if you don’t mind me asking).

  8. bookshy says:

    People do search for the randomest things


  10. DoingDewey says:

    Hahaha, posts about the crazy random search terms people use are always some of my favorites 🙂 I’d never heard of gullywash, but it sounds like people should really know better!

    • Claire (BWB) says:

      Gullywash is a Northern Bahamas term for what Nassau people call ‘Sky Juice’ and it’s basically Gin, Sweet Milk, Coconut Water and … whatever other alcohol you want to throw in it. So for your baby? Please no.

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