(3) My Hogwarts Course Load (And The Classes I Hexed)


Continuing with the Harry Potter fun, this post celebrates and is inspired from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban. For each Harry Potter book I reread, I am inspired to creatively respond to it in some way. For the Chamber of Secrets I was inspired to rant and rave about my lost Hogwarts letter. And what a better way to celebrate the Philosopher’s Stone than to detail an adventure of my own? I present to you my Hogwarts course load (and the classes I ran far, far away from).


My McGonagall Approved Course Load:


This is a handy course to have and my sensible side would have recognised this and taken it. Would I have enjoyed it? I believe so. Would I have been stellar at it? I think I’d have been good but not at any Hermoine level. And with McGonnagall teaching it? I’d be in heaven!


Easily one of my best subjects. I love courses that involve an interactive part with hardcore studying and academia. The complicated motions and spell names would have been right up my alley! I’d have practiced long into the night. I consider this my #1 course.

Ancient Runes

Second best course! Even though I absolutely suck at languages, I love what they represent, the pursuit of knowledge in a different form. I love reading a sentence and realising I actually understood what was going on. I’d probably not have had the best grades in Ancient Runes but I would have loved it.

History of Magic

Oh, history, how I love thee. And the exciting origins of magic? Yes please! I’d love to know the pea-brain who discovered the Basilisk, or delve into the hot gossip of Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw. I’d have loved this class with every fibre in my body. I love history! And I’m sure that Hogwarts has the sexiest archive ever.

Muggle Studies

Consider me an Anthropologist of muggles. I’d have delved deeply into the muggle world to understand their nuances. Hermoine had it right, to understand a culture from an outside or different point of view is fascinating and I imagine this would have been one of my top 3 subjects.

Defence Against The Dark Arts

I don’t imagine I’d have liked this class, considering it is a high-pressure charms class (in its most basic essence, don’t pick a fight here!), but I would have taken it because (1) It is necessary to know how to defend yourself and (2) It teaches you how to act under pressure which I cannot do. So what a better way to learn to calm down than when you’re being blasted across a room or being chased by a patronus?

Alchemy or Arithmancy

I think choosing my 7th subject would be quite difficult. I suck at numbers, but the promise of Arithmancy and it’s code breaking knowledge is too good to pass up. But then there is Alchemy, a hard-ass version of potions but with more glamorous results. I’m on the fence here but leaning towards Team Arithmancy.

Courses I Hexed My Way Out Of:


I’m one of those students that appreciate a good blend of art and science. Hence, my studies in the social sciences! What I cannot stand is Diviniation however. It is too loosely based on circumstance and interpretation to be of any real interest to me. Hermoine had it right when she bolted out of this classroom, I’d probably have failed in my third year at Hogwarts!

Care For Magical Creatures

I have a lot of love for animals, but I do not have a tolerance, love or interest in caring for or maintaining animals. Especially ones that can blast of your fingers or eat you alive. Unicorns? I wouldn’t even go near them. No magical creatures for me! I’d have begged McGonagall to get out of this class!


I did very badly in biology, especially the plant bit and I imagine that magical plants would be no better. I have no love for plants even when there are some that can restore life or kill you. Err. No.


I can only imagine the neck ache involved in this class. It’s a good blend of science and interpretation but I have no interest in the planets and what they divine. I need the here and now, not the maybe-way-way up in the sky!


I can’t cook. Just last week when I was trying to fry up some beef a huge splatter of fat hit me in the eye and much chaos and destruction ensued. Neville would seem like a Potions master compared to me. Want your cauldron melted? Check. Want to waste some sickles by destroying supplies? Check. Need a fresh flask of goo that can kill you? Check.


I hope you enjoyed my latest Harry Potter rambling, I so enjoyed writing this! I’m gonna write the post for the 4th book soon!

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20 Responses to (3) My Hogwarts Course Load (And The Classes I Hexed)

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  2. writersideup says:

    Can’t tell you how much I LOVE this! 😀

    • Claire (BWB) says:

      Thank yooou! What would be your favourite classes?

      • writersideup says:

        OK, so you made me think…

        For whatever reason, I can’t seem to be able to pull up or categorize the things I’d like to be able to use because I don’t think they’re ever mentioned anywhere in the series other than learning them from books or maybe a person having taught them:

        I would want to be able to conjure things I need, the same way Hermione could conjure blue fire or shoot birds from her wand or Dumbledore producing a chair when he needs it. I would want to be able to conjure anything I need in any given situation 🙂 I’m thinking they are Charms? I don’t think that would fall under Transfiguration.

        Also—hexes! I’d love to be able to hex someone in a way they deserved it 🙂

        Then Defense Against the Dark Arts. Yes, I’d love to be able to protect myself and my loved ones 🙂

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  4. Misha says:

    This was such a cool idea! I think Charms would be my favourite class, I just feel like it would be really interesting learning what kinds of things you can do with magic. Plus, I really liked what you said about Ancient Runes, as even though I probably wouldn’t enjoy the class all that much with the different lettering, I feel the same way you do about languages!

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  8. DoingDewey says:

    Awesome! I always love your Harry Potter homage posts 🙂

  9. I would totally have helped you out with your Care for Magical Creatures class. And Defense of the Dark Arts would be cool but super scary. I’d probably mess up a lot in that one!

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  11. sureasmel says:

    I love this. Might have to do this. Will for sure give you credit.

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