15 Day Book Challenge: Day 14


Day 14: Tell us your deal breakers.

Erm, so this list might be a bit longer than I’d like to admit. I’m not a book snob (but, I am? I don’t know), but I have some serious deal breakers.

But sometimes that doesn’t work, so I have to rely on these things to keep the excitement alive (why does blogging sound like a relationship? It’s like a bad self-help book!):

  1. Overly gratuitous romance. I don’t like romance. I don’t pick up romance books. So if a regular book has a ton of it? Bye.
  2. Female characters I can’t relate too.
  3. Chauvinistic male characters. Overly domineering. Ugh.
  4. Culturally, ethnically, religiously or basically, insensitive books.
  5. Overly Americanized books. I’m from The Bahamas, so books that glorify any country, I have trouble with but some books describe the USA like it’s the only country there. I will chuck you.
  6. Insensitive characters. Different from my 4th complaint. When I mean insensitive characters, I mean overall assholes who seem incapable of a kind deed.
  7. Unrealistic situations (unless it is the fantasy genre, I won’t accept this). This tends to be a stickler for me, because I think I’m a purist with my realism.
  8. Female characters that spend too much time talking about boys, make up, clothes and so on.
  9. Killing animals (why? Like those murder mysteries about the serial killer and they describe the death of a dog in painful detail, why? Why?).
  10. Gratuitous violence, sex, and cursing. I especially hate sexually loaded cursing such as the C-word. Makes my skin crawl.
  11. Rape. Last one, I will not read a book that involves rape. Even if it proves a point, I can’t.

This list could be longer.



About Claire (BWB)

It's Claire (aka Quirky) from Bitches With Books, an online book blog that serves up a healthy dose of book reviews, lists + literary madness.
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3 Responses to 15 Day Book Challenge: Day 14

  1. Kelley says:

    Great list. I agree with all of them – especially the chauvinistic male characters and female characters who are superficial.

  2. Heather says:

    I second this list!

    I especially love “some books describe the US like it’s the only country there.” No kidding. *eye roll*

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