15 Day Book Challenge: Day 6


Day 6: Describe how you shop for books.

Let it be known now that I am an extremely frugal, thrifty and broke shopper. When I shop for anything, I completely piss off my partner or friends because I analyze the heck out of the item. It’s all about opportunity cost and I have to really figure out if the item is worth the price to size to desire to quantity ratio. Quality gets thrown in there sometimes but that tends to be for clothes or chips (Lays or the nicer, won’t kill me as faster brand?).

When it comes to shopping for books I use the same methods of analysis and overkill. Well, first off, we do not have many book shops on my island, so what does this mean? Well in the past year I have spent a grand total of $10 on physical books. Why? The book shops rarely have what I want or change their stock. I pretty much own most of the books in their stores anyway. So why bother?

Secondly, I really do have to pinch pennies to survive. It’s gotten better since my Dad found a job and some funding has rolled in for grad school, but until I land in the UK, I will be frugal to the max. So, I have two methods for buying books. The first involves physical book stores: I snap pictures of every single book I am interested in then I go home, research each book and stack them in order of must read now to will borrow from a friend. As such, when I finally decide on my #1 choice, I will then go purchase it.

My second method involves online shopping for books. I can’t buy physical books online because international shipping sucks, and customs for my country also sucks. I then invest what little resources I have into e-books. Yup, of the books I’ve bought this year alone each one has been an e-book. My method is the same however, I make a list of the books I want and then rank them in order. If I have the extra cash, I’ll buy it. If I don’t I browse every library and bug every friend I know who reads. I figure this process will become more pleasant in the UK as their libraries will actually have a variety and diversity of choices.

So yes, that is my overly complicated and drawn out book-shopping method! I figure everyone else is normal and has a much more pleasant and exciting method? Care to share?



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11 Responses to 15 Day Book Challenge: Day 6

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  3. I take forever if I’m in an awesome bookstore like Chapters (Canada). I seriously have gone in there for FIFTEEN MINUTES while waiting for the bus and missed like 3 buses (which were once per hour or something). I don’t even feel the time go by. I have major physical book issues. I would trade grocery money for books. I went in with intentions of getting one (maybe two) book(s), but end up for four or five. *Sighs*
    These days? Pretty much all ebooks. I usually have three or four titles in my head, and I get my partner to take care of it. The decision making pressure is off me, and I end up with ONE book.

  4. sureasmel says:

    What island are you on? I’m on Maui and having the same problem finding bookstores. The closest one is like forty-five minutes away so sometimes I make a day trip of it but I feel your pain.

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