Review: The Lost Madonna

Book: The Lost Madonna by Kelly Jones
Publisher: Berkley, 2007
Genre: Art Historical Fiction, Literature
Source + Date Read: Purchased + Finished Feb. 2013
: For those that like some art history with their fiction.
Book Pro’s: It’s an interesting read and take on how one painting or moment can alter your life.
Book Con’s: Not too fond of the protagonist, but that’s personal.

Summary: Thirty years after leaving Florence with a broken heart, Suzanne Cunningham is back, determined to solve the mystery of what happened to a priceless painting from her past-and to the man who forever changed the course of her life.
More Information: GoodReads

It’s a simple cover. The way it’s done though, it reminds me of the books you’ll see in gas stations or at airports for cheap. It’s not bad but not WOW.

Set all in Italy! I can’t remember the different towns but the Jones takes readers to a number of different Italian villages.

OK so I have mixed feelings about this book. First of all, I really don’t like it when I buy a book, straight off the bat with no research and then it ends up being not-so-good and not fun. When I buy a book, it’s like a 12 step process that involves a lot of research. I don’t like spending money to be let down. If I think I’ll be disappointed, I usually borrow it from a library or bum it from a friend first, just to test it out. So when I take a leap of faith and it doesn’t work out? I’m fairly disappointed.

I’d read a few other books by this author so I went into this with high hopes. It’s not what I expected. I really thought it was going to be some sort of art historical adventure, sleuthing for some lost artwork with high stakes. Don’t get me wrong, the book had all this, but it wasn’t the central plot of The Lost Madonna. Rather the protagonists second chance at love, was.

I found this to be very disappointing! I’m not a huge romance fan so if this element is included in a book, I’d like it to be a secondary or tertiary layer in the story. Jones spent more time taking us between the past and present, exploring some really bad decisions that the protagonist made and how it affected her life now. The jacket blurb makes you think that the Madonna has some great impact in her life, but it really doesn’t. Here, the art is just the catalyst that leads the protagonist on a number of paths. Poo. I really didn’t want that.

I mean, the author does a great job of setting the scene, she’s a great art history writer so you really get a feel for the artwork she describes. The Italian food sounds amazing. Italy sounds amazing. So it’s not all bad. The plot just doesn’t add up to me, I still feel deceived.



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