Literary Listings: 8 Great Book Blog Fonts

I love fonts. I always have but my obsession kicked into overdrive after Nancy did a new design for me (she’s awesome!) and I realised: You can make your blog look awesome with simple tools! I.e. A decent color palette and an army of fonts you can rotate onto different your different graphics.

I want to share with yall my absolute favourites. Enjoy!

8 Great Book Blog Fonts


Despite the pinks + reds here, I’m not that much of a girly girl- but if there is something I’ve noticed it is that curvy fonts look great on blogs! Especially those with a bit of sass (what’s wrong with some attitude?!)


For some reason this makes me think of the Great Gatsby. I don’t know why, but this elegant font will make a great addition to any header or tag line. It’s simple enough to be used pretty much everywhere- so if you like clean and classy aesthetics, this is a goodie.


I think this is my #1 font right now. It’s nice and thick so it will show well on a busy background or bright colors, but it’s also very elegant. The caps are a bit hard to see at time but I use this for simple quick words I want to have a serious pop.

Aquiline Two

For some reason, this font reminds me of Shakespeare. I don’t know if my association is correct or has any sense to it, but Aquiline Two is so old-fashioned that it it could make a good header I think. It’s hard to read with long sentences but for titles it’s great.


Title mania! This is another goodie for titles but I believe it can work well for long sentences. As you have probably guessed by now- I have a thing for cursive. Maybe it’s the Caribbean education system in me (we were forced to write with cursive from a young age, much to my sadness. Every time I got it wrong, my knuckles got a good whack.) but this is one of many good cursive fonts.

Impact Label

Now lookie-here. I LOVE this one. Did anyone here have an old fashioned labeler? I did and I used that thing to death so I was very happy when I found this. Again, great for titles but not so good for tags or longer sentences.


Finally! Something that isn’t cursive! I like this one for my tags or run on sentences. It isn’t distracting and it is very neat and clean. Gotta love it. Plus it’s narrow. Only quip is that it doesn’t show well on busy backgrounds due to its lack of thickness.


This is another good one for tags because it is thick enough to show almost everywhere but simple enough that nothing smooshes together. Your eye won’t get confused with this one.

Tell me, what are your favourites?



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6 Responses to Literary Listings: 8 Great Book Blog Fonts

  1. DoingDewey says:

    Ooh, Aquiline II is my favorite. I like that it looks like someone wrote it with a quill 🙂

  2. Merin says:

    Ooh, I really like Blackjack and Sofia! I love cursive-y fonts. I think it’s a shame that we don’t teach our kids to write in cursive in elementary school anymore (or at least, we don’t here in Missouri). Too much focus on standardized testing, where it’s all reading and math ALL THE TIME.

    • Claire (BWB) says:

      They don’t? It’s required in my country till you’re in 9th grade. But our system is slowly switching to an American style so I’m seeing a lot of bad cursive handwriting starting to develop lol.

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