Ode To Harry Potter

ObsessedEvery year I re-read the entire Harry Potter series. I tend to do it during times of stress or personal upheaval. You see, Harry Potter is like my comfort blanket. When I’m sad or mad, it never fails to comfort me. When I’m wound up, it soothes me.

I don’t limit my Harry Potter drugs to the books, I also watch the films, participate in pottermore.com (Go Ravenclaw! Well I was Ravenclaw on one account and Hufflepuff in another, which is fine because I like what both houses represent) or troll for Harry Potter memes on tumblr. We’ve all got our addictions, and I think it’s OK that this is one of mine.

I’ve got my room all set up for my Harry Potter week, I’ve got the books stacked on my bed side table, I’ve got my Harry Potter stationary out (I don’t even know where I got these! But I love them, so if you want some snail mail drop me a line!) to whisk off some letters to my friends, the complete film box set, my laptop and my various Harry Potter drinks. Though I’ll admit, I’m drinking my butterbeer martini now. It’s after 12PM. It’s ok.

Expect some random posts, they’ll be my musings on the series. Every time I reread the books I pick up on some detail or magical cultural quirk I didn’t understand or get as a child.


I’ve got to know though, does anyone have some sort of bookish addiction? Something they re-read all the time?

BTW: This isn’t the first time I’ve written about my burning love for Harry Potter. Check out how far my obsession goes below.



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10 Responses to Ode To Harry Potter

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  3. aimee says:

    Harry Potter will always be the series that most relaxes me. (Unless it’s making me cry. For some reason, a part of me will always hope that Sirius Black lives by the end of Order of the Phoenix and he – obviously – never does and it breaks my heart every time.) I have to watch the movies every time they’re on television, even though I have them all and can watch them whenever I want, and I need to participate more in Pottermore (I cannot remember my account, but I was a Hufflepuff) because all the backstory stuff and JKR’s notes absolutely fascinate me, and it’s a cool way to reread the books. I don’t have HP stationary, but I DO have wand pens that I use (Harry’s and Dumbledore’s). I don’t think it’s a series I can ever tire of – I discover something new or see something differently every time I read.

    And I’d like to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando (though I guess California and… Japan are getting one too) SO BADLY.

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  6. Heather says:

    I’ve decided to reread the HP series as soon as I’m done rereading the Dark Tower series. I’m really looking forward to it!

  7. Melissa LeGette says:

    YES! YES! ME TOO! ME TOO! I have reread Harry so many times. Which one is your favorite? I’m always torn between 3, 4, and 5. It’s a struggle for me to finish 6 because the ending still makes me cry. And whenever I read 7 I have to immediately read 1. Harry Potter is King.

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