Literary Listings: Top 5 Penguin Cover Re-Do’s

More cover love for everyone! We all know that Penguin releases some kick ass covers, and after much googling, I’ve decided that these are my favourite series. I’d love to know what your favourites are and if there were any I missed!

Top 5 Penguin Cover Re-Do’s:


This has my first vote for Penguin-awesomeness. How great is this? Penguin commissions some artists to creatively embroider designs for their book covers. How BRILLIANT is this?! I am a huge fan of embroidery so I think it’s amazing that Penguin has decided to help out an art form that is often misunderstood. This is awesome man, I own at least 3 Threads covers and show them around to everyone that I can.


I actually discovered the cloth bound series in an Indie book store when I was in college. This series has a few advantages: (1) The designs are artistic, simple and yet bold. They have an art nouveau feel that I appreciate, and the use of simple colors make everything seem neat and in place. (2) It’s hardback, nuff said. How many have you collected? This one is my personal favourite, hence the picture, but I want to see yours!


Who thinks of this? I love the Penguin design and marketing team. I mean, you’re gonna use tattoo-esque designs for your book covers? Excellent. Plus, this totally helps legitimize tattooing as an art and not some random form of personal or creative deviancy! Down with the judgement! Up with the fine art!


Drop Caps

This is the prettiest of the lot. I’m a bit biased as I own a few books in the Drop Cap series. First of all, the books are awesome because they follow a full color scale, the first book is red, the second is reddy-orange, the first is orange and so on. You get the picture. Secondly, the letter is bold and amazing. Each book looks like a completely different thing and the artist clearly did an amazing job.


Drama anyone? Though this series does not appeal to me aesthetically, I think it’s a risk that Penguin took that paid off. These fashionable, dark, artsy covers appeals to a more youthful audience, which is why it is so successful: It brings the classics to a different mass, one that will typically only read a classic if it is in the syllabus (err… I’m guilty of this).


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4 Responses to Literary Listings: Top 5 Penguin Cover Re-Do’s

  1. Alyssa says:

    I love these covers and I have quite a few of the couture! love how unique they are! The big heads are a little odd but that’s okay!

  2. Lakeshia Artis says:

    I was just telling someone that the covers of books is what attracts me first. Then I will read the jacket to find out what its about. I think the publishers know this. That’s why they go out of their way to make really gorgeous covers.

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