The Fight Song Blog Tour: The Coffen

fight song tour
Welcome to Bitches With Books! For our contribution to the Fight Song Blog Tour we wanted to contribute something a bit different to the tour, yet stick close to home (plus, how could we pass up a week without trying to muddle out a drink?). So we’ve got a drink for you guys! First though, you’ve got to give Joshua Mohr and Fight Song some appreciation:

About Fight Song

When his bicycle is intentionally run off the road by a neighbor’s SUV, something snaps in Bob Coffen. Modern suburban life has been getting him down and this is the last straw. To avoid following in his own father’s missteps, Bob is suddenly desperate to reconnect with his wife and his distant, distracted children. And he’s looking for any guidance he can get.

Bob Coffen soon learns that the wisest words come from the most unexpected places, from characters that are always more than what they seem to be: a magician/marriage counselor, a fast-food drive-thru attendant/phone-sex operator, and a janitor/guitarist of a French KISS cover band. Can these disparate voices inspire Bob to fight for his family? To fight for his place in the world?

A call-to-arms for those who have ever felt beaten down by life, Fight Song is a quest for happiness in a world in which we are increasingly losing control. It is the exciting new novel by one of the most surprising and original writers of his generation.

Or you can watch the trailer:

I now present to you our latest Happy Hour concoction, The Coffen.

Fight Song-Covr-

The Coffen:

1 1/4 oz vodka
1 1/4 oz lime juice
1 1/4 oz triple sec

Make It:

  • Pour all ingredients into a shaker.
  • Shake-shake-shaaaake-shaaaaake.
  • Now you have two ways of doing this:
    • You can pour the drink and shot it (I really recommend this).
    • Or you can pour it into a Rocks glass filled with ice and sip it (It made me gag, I don’t recommend it).
  • Hint: This drink is a strong one.

Inspiration behind The Coffen:

I had a lot of fun thinking about this drink, because it made me dig in my cocktail book and go outside of my comfort zone.

I must confess something: I love girly, sweet, fruity, colorful drink and our dear Bob Coffen was not that sort of man. A bit doughy at first, but he blossoms into something so much grander by the end of Fight Song. So I admit, I had to dig in my cocktail book for this one for inspiration and came across a drink called the Kamikaze. Now there are many ways to make this particular brew (after a quick Google search I found at least 20 different ways to do it!) but I thought that the most simple recipe for this was the best. I’m not a mixologist, so sometimes, when I’m trying to think of a drink that coincides with the feelings a book gave me, I have to dig into my Cocktail Bible and I make my drinks with a limited budget so this recipe was just darn lovely and easy.

I must also admit that I was going to name the drink Screw Dat Pooch (a phrase that shows up in the book) but… erm, that didn’t sound so good to me.

I hope you enjoy!



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One Response to The Fight Song Blog Tour: The Coffen

  1. Soooo right about him needing a strong drink! Although in the very beginning, he could have been a weaker drink, but yeah, he’s a strong drink now. Although that does sound a little too strong for me to drink!

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