Feminist Reads Challenge


Who? Feminist Reads Challenge
When? January to December 2013
What? I went to Smith College, the school of feminism. Well they pretend to be and as a feminist reads challengewomen’s college, we’re pretty high up there in the heady and nervy category. As such, this challenge was the one that broke my rule, which was no more than 5 challenges. It won’t be hard as they allow for some cross over with other challenges.

What is a feminist though? The Hiding Spot defines it as:

Feminism is supporting and helping to create strong girls and women.Women who have the ability to take care of themselves, who believe in themselves, and who have the freedom to pursue their dreams and share their beliefs, values, and opinions.

Feminists encourage and support strength, independence, individuality, and passion in women of all ages.

Feminists fight for people. Yes, they obviously fight for women, but I think it can also be said that they fight for what is right. For equality for all. For every person to have a voice, an education, a fighting chance.

Level? Hard (10+), below are my proposed books for this challenge:

Hard, 10+ (10 books)

  • The Host (View Review)
  • The Witch’s Daughter
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke and Bone #1) (View Review)
  • State of WonderĀ  (View Review)
  • Prophecy (The Dragon King Chronicles #1)
  • The Space Between (View Review)
  • Cinder (Lunar Chronicles #1)
  • Roses Have Thorns: A Novel Of Elizabeth I
  • The Lost Madonna
  • Libyrinth (Libyrinth #1) (View Review)

The problem I’ve had with this list is, I’ve read nearly 95% of the books on their suggested lists, and then I added a bunch to their lists. The other 5%, I’ve had no interest in reading though, so I had to search for these books. It made me realise that the majority of the books I read have strong female leads, I don’t enjoy reading books from a male POV. Hmph, guess I been reading feminist this whole time!

When I’ve finished a book I’ll obviously cross it off the list and add the date finished and any review that I might have made for it.



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