Literary Listings: 5 UK Book Covers That Kick US Ass

Worry not, there will be a post in a few months with the title being the reverse.

So, you’d think that publishing houses would keep covers when releasing books in different countries? I naïvely thought so and was really confused when I kept trying to click a book I’d read on GoodReads to see a different cover. Huh- that’s when I had my light-bulb moment and realised, oh, there were different editions! duh!

So after digging through GoodReads for a few months and their different lists, I’ve deduced that for these 5 books, the UK cover wins, epically so.

US covers are on the right and UK covers are to the left.

5 UK Book Covers That Kick US Ass:

BookCover3The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood

This wasn’t really a contest to me. If you’ve read some of my reviews in the past I think you’d notice that I have a bit of a certain aesthetic preference when it comes to book covers. The US version is good, it is moody, atmospheric and full of color. The UK cover, is decorative, intricate and insightful. It looks like an artist or illustrator sat down and thoughtfully created a tailored and unique piece.

Cloud Atlas by David MitchellBookCover4

I actually like the US version of this! I thought it was quite good. It isn’t decorative but it has a moody quality to it that works. It’s a bit classical looking but I can forgive it that. I own the UK version and I was drawn to its art nouveau style and dark colors. The red is so saturated and the horizon seems so real. How can it now win?

The Prophecy by Chris KuzneskiBookCover5

This one is a landslide. American publishers have this thing for dark, brooding monuments or faces in their thrillers and mysteries. I don’t get it, it cheapens the book I think, like I could get it on a beaten up rack in a pharmacy. Why? Where as the UK version has doom and gloom, but it is tastefully done. It makes the book intriguing.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini TaylorBookCover2

There is a reason why both books in the series are here. I dislike YA book covers. Publishers have it down to a science: Female face with brooding eyes that feature some sort of decorative frame for their face or the cover. Text is written in a very bright and very big font. Tada. The UK cover ages the book in such a fantastic and mysterious-good way. Now, the book could be a piece of literature or contemporary fiction.

Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini TaylorBookCover1

I didn’t think I could dislike book #2’s US cover more than the first but I was wrong. I dislike this the MOST. Don’t even get me started on why. The UK cover is brilliant! The colors are fantastic as the orange appears only that much brighter because of the midnight blue and the image of the fire gives the cover a piece of whimsy. Just brilliant. This is a book I want on my bookshelf.


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4 Responses to Literary Listings: 5 UK Book Covers That Kick US Ass

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  2. Heather says:

    I like the US cover of The Year of the Flood much better than the UK version. I agree with the rest of the books, though.

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