Literary Listings: 8 Ways To Show Your Shire-Pride

We’re really getting into Middle-Earth Mania month. Like you saw on Friday, what’s the point in reviewing something that we think is so awesome already?

Today’s post is sure to get everyone excited. How do you show your Shire pride? Quirky doesn’t leave her books alone, like, ever. She walks around with them all the time. All of it. Yes. So we’re gonna go easy on you, we’re gonna give you some hints, some tips, on how to show your Shire pride. Here are 8 great items found on Etsy!

PS. With Christmas coming up, I’m sure your Hobbit loving friends and family won’t complain. We certainly won’t.

8 Ways To Show Your Shire-Pride:

Shire 8The Big Bang Theory Quote Shirt: That’s How We Roll In The Shire
We really want this shirt. Quirky’s already talking about how to wear it to work. Oh dear.

Shire 7Vintage Glass Locket With Shire Map
Lockets are amazing things. They hold secrets + it’s got a map of the Shire, come ON MAN, this is awesome.

Shire 6Bilbo Baggins Heraldry Ceramic Mug

Shire 1Shire Skirt
Sexy skirt! It’s colorful, flouncy, pretty, and geeky. Quirky wants this too… We foresee brokeness.

Shire 5Keep Calm and Leave The Shire Pendant/Button/Magnet

Shire 4Shire Cuff Links
Even men gotta get in on this Shire action-  how better to be than both Dapper + showing Shirey pride?

Shire 3I Love You Hobbit Poster

Shire 2Hobbit Door Inspired Necklace
Man, you can’t tell that’s a door. Awesomeness.

We see that BookRiot has some tips for fulfilling your Hobbity desires! Check em out: The Hobbit Love poster also shows up there.



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