Happy Hour: Miruvor Cocktail (A Middle-Earth Cocktail)


Miruvor Cocktail

3 oz. Vanilla Vodka
5 oz. Boiled Apple Juice
2 tsp. Runny Honey
1 Cinnamon Stick

Make It:

  • Pour 5 oz. Apple Juice into pot and bring to boil and place into separate mug or cup.
  • Pour 3 oz. Vanilla Vodka into Rocks Glass.
  • Pour 2 tsp. (or tbsp. if you like things sweet) into Rocks Glass.
  • Place Cinnamon Stick into Rocks Glass.
  • Pour hot Apple Juice into your drinking glass and you’re done!
  • Optional: Swirl cinnamon stick around the glass to spread the honey around.

Inspiration Behind Miruvor Cocktail:

To celebrate the upcoming release of the first film in The Hobbit series, we will have 3 to 4 weeks of LOTR + Hobbit inspired drinks!

This week’s drink takes inspiration from The Fellowship Of The Ring where upon the Fellowship succumbs to their fatigue, Gandalf produces a flask filled with the drink. Miruvor is colorless, clear and warm to drink and described as having a slightly honeyed and sweet taste. Besides- we always thought of the drink as the honeyed, fruity thing.

Now, we realise that Quirky’s Miruvor Cocktail isn’t going to be exactly clear because of the Apple Juice, however, we felt that Miruvor’s warming qualities were more important to reproduce and take inspiration from, and not a purely visual, aesthetic link between our drink and the Elves’ one. That and we really couldn’t figure out a way to make a clear + warm drink that had fruity, honeyed and sweet qualities.

According to The Encyclopedia of Arda, the drink is important as:

The reviving cordial of the Elves, a liquor with the power to grant renewed vigour and strength. Miruvor was clear and colourless, with a pleasant fragrance. Gandalf carried a flask of it with him to help the Company of the Ring on their southward journey. Both the Dúnedain and the Orcs possessed drinks with similar properties, but miruvor was known to be the most potent of these cordials.

Credit given to Absolut Vodka. The Miruvor Cocktail is a rename of their Hot Vanilla Apple Cocktail.



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7 Responses to Happy Hour: Miruvor Cocktail (A Middle-Earth Cocktail)

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  2. This one looks like yum!

  3. putneyfarm says:

    Enjoying the LOTR themed cocktails!

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