No-Sew Book Semi-Tutorial


See if you can spot Quirky in this group shot.

We’ve got a new series to début to you today! We introduce you to our ‘Craft Corner’. This series, which will be a random sporadic thing, will focus on book making and binding, all forms of paper and literary arts and the fun that we have doing them! Currently Quirky is making a small book out of playing cards for her sweetie, and that’ll show up soon (hopefully).

We’re gonna switch to Quirky now: Our first post looks at a nontraditional, contemporary book made for my work place. I’ve mentioned a few times that I work for an art museum on a hill in The Bahamas. Recently we executed a large-scale exhibition, something that took months to plan and finally finish.

The curator decided early on to create a nontraditional book for the exhibition catalogue. The result is a hand-made, limited edition box that features 2 booklets and postcards representing each artist in the show. The fun part: planning the book. The interesting part: Making the many booklets for the catalogue. The hard part: Realizing that it is fun to do 10 no-sew books but by the time you reach 200, you’re sick of it.

So now I’m going to show you how to do a No-Sew Book. Don’t judge me too much for this OK? I learnt how to do it the day of the workshop and my blackberry was on the fritz.

Bone folder (later I used the dull edge of a pen)

1. Fold the paper length wise and then open the paper up again. My instructor called this the hotdog fold (because it’s long yinno?)

My hotdog fold.

2. Fold the paper width wise then open up again. We called this the hamburger fold, due to its more square like shape.
3. Now this is the part where I get confused. You then flip the paper over to the other side.
4. Once the paper has been flipped, place the paper in front of you so that the length of the paper, or the long part faces you. The paper should be wider in front of you, and not longer. I hope everyone understood this!
5. The paper now looks like a sort of wide mound on top of your table. Next, we fold each end so that it meets the middle of the Hamburger fold.
6. Repeat with opposite end.

Folding the end of my paper to reach the middle.

7. Once everything has been folded, you place the paper back into its hamburger fold.
8. This is important your paper will look like it has 4 sections. Once you see this, you have the hamburger fold face you and cut along the crease from the edge to the middle fold.
9. Once it has been cut, open the paper and lay it flat on the table. I typically take the ends and bunch them together to form a sort of ‘secret window’ which then allows you to fold your book any way you’d like.

My ‘secret window’

10. You’re done!

My final product

So this has been a long and convoluted way to describe something that is very simple. Check out some of the great tutorials and links below that I found to be quite clear and concise.

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Awesome Books (I own these too!)
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