Literary Listings: 7 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better For You Than Chocolate When Weepy


Come on, who hasn’t reached for a piece of chocolate when filled with a weepy sadness and instead grabbed their favorite Harry Potter book and/or film (We use and/or because Quirky has been known to do both at the same time)? No one? Come on, there has to be someone, it can’t just be us out there!

7 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better For You Than Chocolate When Weepy:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Reason: Having an open mind will get you far
It isn’t easy being told that your abusive Aunt and Uncle lied to you about your very special parents. It also isn’t easy seeing a giant knock down a door, 3 headed-dog and grabbing a broom to fly on, but Harry did so with an open mind. The mind-fuck he must have gone through is horrible, we don’t pity him.

Actually we envy him, where is our letter to Hogwarts?!

That being said, it is an excellent lesson in open-ness and being open-minded. Just because something is different and painful (maybe, in reference to the weepy part) doesn’t mean it is bad.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Reason: Just because everyone else thinks you’re crazy, doesn’t mean that you are
We’ve had those moments, when we know something is wrong but no one else believes us. Look at us like we’re crazy, or something thing is weird. And so what if it is weird? It doesn’t mean you’re crazy.

Recall that in the Chamber of Secrets, Harry and his friends had their fair share of stares. No one understood them, and Harry got it the worst, hearing something talk in the walls? People thinking you’re the new serial-killer on campus + heir of Slytherin? Man, that is enough to make anyone go mad. Yet, he didn’t. He came close but he stood strong.

Be like Harry yo.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Reason: Forgiveness is hard-earned + The truth is arbitrary and changes
Harry was good at forgiving, Hermoine was even better and Ron was a bit weary or didn’t care enough. Forgiveness is hard-earned. Sirius realized that early on, what can you expect though, do you want someone to change their minds after hearing a different story?

This gets into another theme in the book, that be careful what you believe for truth, especially if you aren’t sure as to its origins.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Reason: Don’t dwell, try & try again
Ever get to that point when you just throw your hands up and just say fuck it? Well, as good as that sounds, we think that it can sometimes harm us to have such a fatalistic attitude. What did Harry Potter do? Well he got upset, frustrated but with the help of Hermoine, he got over and tried, and tried.

Granted his trying had a sort of bad ending, the point is that this book proves that trying and being persistent puts an ending in your sights, even when you don’t think it will.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Reason: No man is an island, so reach out
So sometimes, we want to hole up and forget the world around us when we’re upset. Quirky does this all the times and it drives people crazy. But does this do a lot of good?

Sometimes, self-isolation is just bad. Harry proved this, he was harming himself. So give yourself a hand, trust your friends and reach out. Plus, if you read this book, you’ll meet Luna and she’s just awesome. Way better than that chocolate you’re thinking of stuffing down your throat.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Reason: Hope springs eternal
Even when you’re upset, and you’re cereal seemed like they’re soggy and nothing is right, just remember: If Harry could watch Dumbledore die and still get up the next day and have hope for the future, you can too.

Now put down the chocolate and watch the film,  it is fewer calories.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Reason: Love is a many splendid thing
Despite this book being the end of the series and therefore, the most depressing series in the Harry Potter world, if there is one thing that Harry Potter taught me it’s that by darn it, true love exists, most of the time. Generally, yes.

Don’t roll your eyes at us, we are very aware that this is just a book but there are many ways that this book and film series prove that love is a tangible, terrible, lovely, warming thing. Rowling conveys love for friends, family, partners and so on in Harry Potter. We can’t always see love in our chaotic world, but Snape made a gushy, gooey happy mess out of me.

So we got a bit philosophical on our readers and we’re very sorry for that. We wanted to have something different in our Bat-List-Crazy post for the day, something that proves something as simple as Harry Potter, can be a bit good for you.

This always puts a smile on my face when I’m sad. Give it a try.



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3 Responses to Literary Listings: 7 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better For You Than Chocolate When Weepy

  1. aimee says:

    This list is perfect. And I love how it’s one reason per book (because they are perfect as well).

    The one that most applies to me is probably Goblet of Fire’s. I dwell on everything (which I need to do less of), but I do believe in perserverance. And I love how simple yet optimistic and profound the last two are. (I tend to only think ALL THE FEELSSSSSS when I think of Deathly Hallows, so it’s nice to look beyond the Battle of Hogwarts to the bigger picture.)

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