Literary Listings: 6 Books That Prove Tinkerbell Had Serious Issues

We all know that Tinkerbell had issues. Some serious, bad-bitch issues, and I’m going to prove it to you (though we all know I don’t have to, we all know she had issues).

6 Books That Prove Tinkerbell Had Serious Issues:

Bones Of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner

Rating: 5 Page Turns
Evil faeries? Check.
Crazy queen who loved torturing humans? Check.
Bones of Faerie is a dystopian fantasy novel where the world has ended because of faeries and humans are trying to survive. Tinkerbell would have been one of the bad faeries in this book. She would have felt quite at home.

Tithe by Holly Black

Rating: 4 Page Turns
Black’s Tithe is the classic grungy, dirty anti-faerie tale. In one novel you’ll find your average psychopathic faeries, killer faeries, faeries that love blood. Just kiss human or faerie rights goodbye as you fall in love with this story. Tinkerbell would have totally been an UnSeelie faerie, though those Seelie bitches seemed to cause their own drama…

The Faery Reel: Tales from the Twilight Realm by Ellen Datlow

Rating: 4 Page Turns
This is a compendium of awesomeness. We’ve got good faeries, bad faeries, sexy faeries, Tinkerbell Bitchy faeries and more. Datlow presents a survey of faerie lore around the world with a unique twist– stories are rewritten or interpreted by some great faerie writers, Holly Black contributed too. I think Tinkerbell deserves her own chapter here, one on backstabbing, yes?

Faerie Wars by Hersbie Brennan

Rating: 3 Page Turns
You don’t get more bad than this do you? Come on, the world war is in the title. Faeries always seem to be fighting or in wars, no wonder Tinkerbell was so messed up, she probably didn’t have much stability at home. We’ve got a dark tale here, where faeries cause more harm to humans and each other.

Poison by Chris Wooding

Rating: 3 Page Turns
Wooding doesn’t even try to make this a fluffy faerie tale. Riddled with dark corners, murder and evil seduction, bad faeries seem to be the norm (Tinkerbell would have been happy here) in Poison’s world, but remember, there is always hope.

Honorable Mention:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Rating: 3 Page Turns
We all know A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the original evil faerie book. This play sums up Tinkerbell’s addiction to messing and loving humans. Oh dear. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tinkerbell were to have a massive crush on some poor human and cause a bit of chaos like the magical creatures in this book. Hmmm?

We all know she had issues, don’t try to deny it. I love faeries, but Tinkerbell made me want to keep her in her cup-cage, remember she wasn’t your momma’s friendly faerie (or good god-mother either)!

Hope you enjoyed the post.

-The Quirky Bitch


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One Response to Literary Listings: 6 Books That Prove Tinkerbell Had Serious Issues

  1. Katy says:

    These sound like amazing books and very promising adventures! I’m not typically a reader of faeries but I added all of these to my goodreads must list. Thank you for the suggestions!

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